ScionSwap FAQs

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1) What is ScionSwap?

ScionSwap is an exclusive promotion offered to customers purchasing or leasing a new Scion model through participating dealers. This promotion grants each Customer a total of 10 complimentary days to rent a choice of certain Toyota models from participating dealers’ Toyota Rent a Car (TRAC) program. Scion will pay the daily rental charge for the 10 complimentary days. Rental customers will be responsible for fuel and any additional charges that may occur from usage of a regular TRAC rental. This promotion is only offered through participating Scion dealers and only on Scion models purchased or leased from participating dealers during the promotional period. To learn more about the Toyota Rent a Car (TRAC) program, please visit

2) Why was ScionSwap created?

ScionSwap was created to offer vehicle flexibility to meet the needs of our Scion Customers diverse lifestyles. We recognize that sometimes during the year a Scion Customer might have the need for a different car, like the utility of a truck, or the mpg of a hybrid, or maybe just to try another car for future consideration.

3) What is the time period for this promotion?

ScionSwap Customers must purchase or lease their new Scion model at one of the participating dealers between January 1, 2014 and March 31, 2015 for Miami and Phoenix; and between May 1, 2014 – March 31, 2015 for Northern California. The 10 complimentary days will expire after 12 months of the purchase or lease of their new car. For example, if a Scion Customer purchases on June 4, 2014 they will have until June 4, 2015 to use their 10 days. After this date all remaining ScionSwap rental days will expire.

4) Is there a minimum age requirement to rent a vehicle?

The minimum age to rent a TRAC vehicle is 21 in most states.

5) If I did not purchase or lease a new Scion during these dates how do I qualify for ScionSwap ?

At this time, this promotion is offered to only those customers who have purchased or leased a new Scion from one of the participating dealers during the time frame mentioned.

6) In which cities and dealers is ScionSwap offered?

Currently ScionSwap is a promotion offered in 3 market areas: Miami, FL; Phoenix, AZ; and Northern California, CA. The following dealers are participating:

Miami Metro Phoenix Metro Northern California Metro
Autonation Scion Weston Avondale Scion City Scion
Headquarter Scion Bell Road Scion Capitol Scion
Kendall Scion Big Two Toyota Scion of Chandler Downtown Scion of Oakland
Lipton Scion Camelback Scion Dublin Scion
South Dade Scion David Wilson's Right Scion Elk Grove Scion
Scion of Hollywood Earnhardt Toyota/Scion Folsom Lake Scion
West Kendall Scion Larry H. Miller Scion Peoria Freeman Scion
AutoNation Scion Tempe Hanford Scion
Riverview Scion Hanlees Hilltop Scion
Hanlees Scion
Livermore Scion
Magnussen's Auburn Scion
Maita's Scion Sacramento
One Scion of Oakland
Piercey Scion
Roseville Scion
Salinas Scion
San Francisco Scion
Scion 101
Scion of Santa Cruz
Scion Sunnyvale
Scion Town
Stevens Creek Scion
Tracy Scion
Yuba City Scion

7) What models are offered for rent?

Currently, ScionSwap dealers are offering rentals of Camry, Sienna, Tacoma and Prius. However, some dealers may have additional models available. Model availability will vary by city, dealer and requested rental period. Please consult to check a particular participating dealer’s inventory.

8) What if a particular car that I am interested in is not available during my preferred dates?

ScionSwap inventory will vary by Dealer. We recognize that there will be times when your primary car of choice may not be available. If you cannot find a different model to meet your needs at that particular dealer you can check another participating dealer’s ScionSwap inventory.

9) If I’m traveling to one of the participating cities can I use my ScionSwap days at an “out-of-town” Dealer?

Yes, you may use your ScionSwap rental days at ANY participating ScionSwap dealer. Please check for a list of participating dealers as this list may change.

10) Why aren’t there more ScionSwap Dealers to choose from?

We hope to add additional ScionSwap Dealers in other cities during 2014 and 2015. Please check for a list of participating dealers as this list may change.

11) Do I need to leave my Scion when I pick up my ScionSwap rental from the Dealer?

No, your car does not need to be present to pick up your ScionSwap rental. However, you might find this the perfect opportunity to have your Scion’s regularly scheduled Scion Service Boost no cost maintenance performed by your ScionSwap dealer.

12) Can I add more rental days?

If you are currently a ScionSwap Member you are granted a total of 10 complimentary ScionSwap rental days. You are not given the option of purchasing additional ScionSwap days. However, if you have reached the limit of your 10 complimentary days and are still within your 12 months of account activation, the reservation system will allow an extended reservation using additional days that will be charged to you by the dealer for payment. These additional days must be used to extend the rental period of a current reservation. For example, if you have three complimentary days remaining and you want to reserve a vehicle for a total of five days, the system will allow you to make the five day reservation with the stipulation that the dealer will charge you for the additional two days. You must agree to this additional payment online at the time you make the reservation. After 12 months of ScionSwap membership your account will expire; similarly once your 10 complimentary days have been redeemed your account will expire.

13) Can I give away my complimentary ScionSwap days to family / friends?

No, ScionSwap is a membership meant for the new Scion buyer/lessee and is non-transferable. If the Scion is sold within the 12-month period, any remaining complimentary rental days will be forfeited.

14) Can I add additional drivers to my ScionSwap rental?

Yes, you may add an additional driver, provided they are with you when you pick up your rental, and they also qualify according to TRAC rules, which means they must also show a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance and be at least 21 years of age. All drivers must also sign the TRAC Rental Agreement.

15) What type of documentation is needed for the rental pick-up?

In order to participate in ScionSwap each member will be required to show a valid Driver’s License and proof of car insurance to pick up their rental. You will also need to provide the dealer with a major credit card in the renter’s name.

16) Is the ScionSwap rental covered under my insurance?

Each ScionSwap rental vehicle is covered under the TRAC insurance policy.  All TRAC Policies & Procedures apply to the rental and subsequent coverage in the event of a loss/claim. 

17) Are there geographical or mileage restrictions on the rental?

Please check with the dealer you are renting from if you plan to take the vehicle out of state or on a long road trip. Some dealers may have mileage restrictions.

18) Is roadside assistance included in my ScionSwap rental?

Yes, each ScionSwap rental is covered by the dealer’s TRAC 24-hour roadside assistance program. Please be sure to review with your dealer at the time you pick up your rental. The toll-free number for Roadside Assistance will be printed on your rental agreement.

19) What condition do I need to return the rental?

Return each TRAC rental vehicle with the same fuel level you received when you picked up the vehicle and in a clean, undamaged condition. No smoking in the rentals. As with any TRAC rental, you will be charged if the vehicle is returned with less than the same fuel level you received when you picked up the vehicle, or has sustained damage during your rental period. All TRAC rules apply for a ScionSwap rental. Please check with your dealer prior to renting if you have any questions.

20) How much notice must I provide if I cancel or modify my reservation?

A reservation may be cancelled without penalty if the reservation start day is two days or more away. If a reservation is cancelled within the 2-calendar day period, the Member will be debited one day from their balance. For example, a 5-day reservation cancelled within 1-calendar day of the reservation start date will have a debit of 1 day. The remaining dates will be cancelled without penalty to the Member.

A change to the reservation start date and duration is only available if the reservation start time is 2-calendar days or greater away from current date/time. Within an active reservation, the Member has the ability to extend the End Date IF vehicle inventory permits during the requested extension period. The Member must request the extension at , or call the renting dealer directly to inquire if the rental may be extended.

21) Who can I contact if I have additional comments or questions about the ScionSwap promotion?

We welcome all comments and questions. Please contact your dealer or the Scion Customer Experience Center at 1.866.70.SCION.